Friday, August 7, 2009

E-bike conversion kit. DIY in 3 minutes

Give your bike electric power in just 3 minutes! This Hill Topper electric bike conversion kits drop in where your front wheel drops out, giving your own bike electric power in just minutes. You can easily ride your bike anywhere with electric power. Convert your own bike in just minutes. Save big on gas expenses, help the environment, and get healthy.

-Batteries included
-26'', 24'' and 700C sizes available.
Takes you up hills! Makes your whole route easy! This electric bike kit includes everything you will need to add electric power to your bike in 3 minutes. Unlike other more complex electric bike kits that can take hours or days to install and require expert electrical and mechanical skills, this one is easy. See the video (on the right).
In your electric bike kit:
-Tube/tire/rim/fully constructed 250-watt 24-volt brushless AC hub motor wheel

-Single-plug 7Ah SLA battery/controller system (only 11-lbs total) pre-installed in a sleek quick-attach seat bag (6x6x4.5'')

-Quick-install velcro Power Grip handlebar motor controller

-Battery charger (smart/auto shutoff) wall sockets or extension cord
Why a 250-watt hub motor?
The bigger your hub motor, the more batteries you must haul around. The motor in your Hill Topper electric bike kit will easily "double your strength" when turned on, but is small enough to only require lightweight batteries. Even if you don't pedal at all, this motor/battery combo will take you 10 miles (depending on rider weight, wind, and hill steepness) at about 10mph. This kit will take a 160-lb rider 10 miles at 10mph on flat ground even if no pedaling is done at all.
If you want to go 50mph and have a 500 or 1,000-watt (by the way illegal in Europe) monster motor on your electric bike you'll need big expensive, heavy batteries, and you might as well buy a big expensive, heavy motor-scooter or motorcycle. If you want to maintain the ease with which you currently use your own bike and just add electric power without adding a ton of weight, you need a smaller high-efficiency hub motor like this electric bike kit has.
Why a Quick-Install Power Grip Handlebar Control?
GO EASY! Your handlebars and brakes are unique and are tuned perfectly to your riding style. You've probably given a considerable amount of attention to them yourself, or even brought your bike to a shop for a professional tune-up.
Other electric bike conversion kits REQUIRE you to completely replace and re-adjust your brake cable and handle grip system in order to operate their features. Be careful not to bite off more of an installation project than you can chew. You may be disappointed with how difficult other electric bike kits are to work with. Also remember, many bike shops will charge top-dollar for their labor (maybe a half-day) if you ask them to install a complex kit for you.If you´re not handy at all, keep in mind a bike shop worker or handy friend could install this electric bike kit in just minutes, but may even refuse to install a complex one.
There's a good reason you don't see videos of competing electric bike kits being fully installed in three minutes in real time with no editing!
Bike compatibility: This hub motor fits hybrid and mountain bike forks that are at least 100mm apart at the tips. The "dropout" notches at the ends of your forks need to be at least 10mm wide to fit the motor/wheel axle.
Brushless planetary geared hub motor.
Planetary gears spread out the load over the gears and are well balanced. They also provide the highest torque compare to all other motors and have a long life span. Their efficiency index is greater than 0.1 (Ebk > 0.1). Their torque can reach 30 - 35Nm for 250 - 350W motor. These type motors are excellent energy savers and they are a new trend in the electric bikes where the light weight is a main priority. They can provide the same torque as a motor twice more powerful and have the same range with a battery twice as small.

This electric bike kit is designed, HAND ASSEMBLED, and tested in Seattle, USA.

Price is 289€ Shippping inlcuded.

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